Family Mediation

Mediation is a process by which couples seek to reach an agreement about arrangements for separation or divorce, children, finances and property. Mediation can also take place between other people, e.g. other family members relating to children. We can assist parties to discuss issues in the presence of our trained family mediator, who will help them consider alternative options and possible ways of reaching agreement.

Mediation has many benefits –

It is generally much quicker and less expensive than Court proceedings/litigation.
It helps couples and other parties to communicate and co-operate to reach their own agreement.
It is less stressful and upsetting than going through the Courts and allows parties to keep control over sorting out their problems.
It is confidential.

You can download our Mediation Referral Form. You then have the option to complete it and email it back to us, or to print it out and return it by post or fax.

Mediation is undertaken both in Rochdale and in Oldham.

Subject to certain conditions Legal Aid may be available.

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Contracted with the Legal Aid Agency for Family Mediation.

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