Wills, Trusts & Probate

The importance of making a Will cannot be overstressed.  Each Will is tailor-made, taking into consideration each client’s personal financial circumstances, family and commitments and the possible incidence of taxation and in particular Inheritance Tax.  We encourage clients to make Wills whatever their age to ensure that what they choose to happen to their estate is recorded and to ensure peace of mind.  The rules of intestacy determining who shall inherit if you do not have a Will very often do not accord with what many people would choose.  Not everyone has close family.  Friends and charities, for example, are not provided for.

We recognise the importance to those left behind of dealing with the administration of estates both with sympathy and with efficiency.  Estate administration involves obtaining valuations of assets, identifying liabilities, applying for the Grant of Probate (or Letters of Administration if there is a will), and gathering in the assets, paying debts, ensuring the taxation and property issues are dealt with and distributing the estate according to the Will or to law as the case may be.

We can assist with a Deed of Variation where all beneficiaries agree to change their entitlements under a Will.

Trusts may arise under the terms of a Will, or an intestacy, which can last many years.  We can assist with the administration of trusts and also, helping create lifetime discretionary trusts or trusts for a specific purpose, for example, to benefit younger or vulnerable people.

Also we can advise on claims against estates.

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