Managing the Affairs of Elderly People

Advances in medical science mean that people now live well into their eighties and nineties, but sadly may lose the ability to deal with their own affairs, either through physical or, more often, mental incapacity.  Sometimes there is an accident or someone becomes ill unexpectedly.  We can help you plan ahead and put arrangements in place in case such possible eventualities arise; or simply help you appoint an Attorney now if you no longer wish or feel able to deal with property and financial issues yourself.

You may wish to make a Lasting Power of Attorney to authorise someone else (be it relatives, friends or professional advisors) to look after and administer your financial and property affairs for you, which will continue to operate even if you lack capacity to make decisions in the future. You may be an Attorney appointed under an Enduring Power of Attorney relating to financial and property issues (up to 2007) and need help to register this with the Office of the Public Guardian if the person who appointed you now lacks capacity.

A Lasting Power of Attorney may be made to enable your Attorney to make personal health and welfare decisions for you if you lose capacity to make them yourself.  This means a person you choose will be able to represent your interests in decisions about, for example, where you live, or in health decisions and so deal with a care home, social services and Doctors on your behalf, if required.  We can assist also if you wish to make an Advanced Decision.

We help with applications to the Court of Protection where necessary for the appointment of a Deputy, a trustee of property or for a Statutory Will so that the affairs of people no longer with capacity can be arranged for their benefit.

We are also prepared, in appropriate cases, to take on responsibility of looking after a person’s affairs. This can be under a Lasting Power of Attorney, as Attorney, or through the Court of Protection, as Deputy, especially where the person concerned has no family or friends willing, or able, to take on the responsibility.

Linked into this is also the need for older people in particular to make Wills and we can provide advice to help you put your affairs in order for the time following death.  We encourage all clients to plan well in advance and give yourself peace of mind knowing that arrangements you choose are in place.

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